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Decisions based on emotions

Decisions based on emotions are not decisions at all. They are instinct. At times, the rational and irrational complement each other. Individually, they do not offer as much.



Florida Wildlife Magazine: Let’s Go Geo

[FWC By Benjamin Horbowy]

Every time I spend a while outdoors, I find something new and interesting. Not long ago, I was walking along a familiar trail near Carrabelle. Usually, it’s an ideal place to photograph wildlife. As I was setting up my camera, I noticed a little plastic container almost hidden, wedged under a fence post. Naturally, I had to see what it was. I peeped in and saw a small notebook and some knick-knacks inside. What had I found?

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There are people who like to be in nature, then there are people like me who need to be. Finished with the work day, I decided to take the scenic way home. It’s only an extra few miles, but the different route has a hidden value for me; there’s a new wildlife and environmental area in our community. I keep a folding chair in my truck for moments like this: stressful day, emotionally on edge, and lacking personal space.

Ideally, a mountain bike ride or a day trip to the beach would fulfill my urge to “get away”, but it’s not the weekend and I only had a few minutes before the family was expecting me home. “Perfect! the park is all mine.” No one around, chair in the grass, clouds in the sky, and three deep breaths of emotional release… “ahhhh, me time.” The next ten minutes was full of silence, day dreams, and watching birds. It was the first time all week that my mind was not thinking about work, people, or a to-do list.

This was all I needed to mindfully transition into peace. Whoever decided to put a park there, I wholeheartedly thank you. We needed one.


L. Kirk Edwards Wildlife and Environmental Area

Florida Wildlife Magazine: Catching flounder is so easy, a 4-year-old can do it

[FWC by Benjamin Horbowy]

Want to take your kids fishing for something easy enough for them to catch? When I take my niece out to the dock, it’s more fun to watch her excitement reeling in a fish than it is for me to catch a big one. Catching flounder is simple enough that kids often have better luck than adults…. Read full article of FWC webpage

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