Our Faithful Friar was ordained

We have been praying for a spiritual leader for sometime.

Knights of Columbus | Tallahassee

Sir Knight and Deacon Matthew Busch was ordained to the Catholic priesthood by Bishop Gregory Parkes at the Cathedral of The Sacred Heart in Pensacola on Saturday, May 10, 2014.  Fr. Busch, one of the founding members of St. Louis the Crusader Council 12929 and a member of Father Hugon Assembly 0170 has recently been appointed Faithful Friar of that Assembly.  The Faithful Friar is the spiritual Advisor of the Assembly and we have been needing one. This is a blessing from God for him to bring us a Priest of valor.  The accompanying photographs reflect the support he received at his ordination from his fellow Fourth Degree Knights.  He has expressed gratitude to all Knights of Columbus and requests their continued prayers and support as he begins his priestly service at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church on July 1st.Fr. Busch Ordination 2014 008Fr. Busch Ordination 2014 077Fr. Busch Ordination 2014 119

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