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The World Class Wrocław Philharmonic Orchestra graces Florida

The World Class Wrocław Philharmonic Orchestra graces Florida

Small town with a world stage

The World Class Wrocław Philharmonic Orchestra graced the capital city of Florida on a Monday evening as FSU hosted Seven Days of Opening Nights. It was a classy treat to be able to hear such a world known orchestra live in the Ruby Diamond Concert Hall. Watching the award winning artistic director and conductor, Jacek Kaspszyk, was beyond a treat. It was a honor for FSU to host guest who have preformed for royal & numerous national philharmonics on nearly every continent, The European Chamber Orchestra, and the Teatr Weilki Poland National Opera. Tallahassee is not used to this level of arts coming to our community. There was a moment during the symphony I fixated my vision on the conductor, closed my eyes, and imagined I had his view point. For the rest of the show, I dreamed that every note was at the tip of my fingers. Standing ovations!

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The World Class Wrocław Philharmonic Orchestra

Seven Days of Opening Night

7:30 on monday night, I was going through my stack of promotional pamphlets I gathered from the weekend when I first found out about the one time performance at 8. I saw ” Wrocław” … that’s the city my cousin ,Zbigniew Horbowy, lives who works in the arts as a director for the university. 1) How did I not know of this sooner?! 2) I couldn’t miss this! I jumped to change clothes and at the last minute made it to the box office. The last minute rush was worth it. Listening to the wonderful piano solo from Garrick Ohlsson‘s Ludwig No. 4 in G major in live person has no limit like music we hear on an iPod or the best electronic sound system. Receiving every note fully and watching the musicians heavily involved in their performance of the art was simply beautiful. There couldn’t have been no better way to bring together inner harmony than to be there and feel it. The piano sang, indeed. Bravo!

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Seven Days @FloridaState

A taste of fine culture

Among the few students in the crowd, my 1st impression was “how did FSU pull off getting such a world known orchestra to preform in Tallahassee?!” We aren’t a community used to such a presence or culture. It was shown by a hardly full concert hall and even my last minute outfit that would have been disrespectfully underdressed in any other city seemed ok here. When the pianist came to play, the piano was not ready for him. He had to personally go downstairs to the pit, put the piano on the lift, and bring it to stage. A fellow Tallahassee Polish person who I met back stage afterwards voiced the embarrassment of the capital city. The conversation between her and a few others had a consensus that this should have been a packed house, a showcase performance, honored guest in the balconies, and formal dress in the crowd. What happened to “stay classy Tallahassee”? Although, I see their point, I would like to look at the experience in a positive light; it was an honor to be a part of in this small southern town I call home. It was a nice culture injection shot in the arm for our community. Well done Florida State for bringing us this gift and hopefully we continue to grow with this level of prestige.

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Among the few students in the crowd